Support For The Education Sector

Workspee Supports The Education Sector

Workspee HRM was created with education organisations in mind. We understand that most of the popular HRM practices are ineffective and not relevant within a school or college setting.

So here at Workspee HRM we have created software that will benefit and enhance your school’s performance and future proof your admin practices for any eventuality. Your staff will be engaged and feel connected and supported in any circumstances, with no interruption to their progression and development within their role. Which will increase productivity and staff retention.

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Some of the Features Tailored to Benefit Your School

  • Reporting that will support the school workforce census:

    Our employee profiles capability allows you to store all the information required for your annual census that can easily be exported using our dynamic reporting tool.

  • Learning and development/performance management:

    Our software allows you to record and support all further development for all staff, as well as schedule and perform well-being meetings, training and monitor performance with 360 degrees feedback.

  • Recruitment dashboard:

    Create, manage and monitor all of your recruitment campaigns through Workspee HRM. You can schedule interviews, action next steps such as job offers and negotiations. Most importantly you can build candidate profiles that will be available for you to reference for future job roles, saving you time and money on future campaigns.

  • Email marketing function:

    Workspee HRM allows you to design, create and distribute email campaigns to staff and parents within your organisation. Whether it is for a parents evening, student event, or policy changes, this will enhance your communications with your school community.

Supporting all data fields required by all education institutes.

  • Virtual staff room:

    Our newsfeed function works like a social media platform for your staff, where no matter what restrictions are in place they have access and can engage with everything going on within the school. Whether it’s staff reminders, upcoming events, or celebrating a promotion and simply supporting their colleagues. This is where your staff community will feel reconnected.

  • Seamless integration of your payroll software:

    We want you to have everything under one roof, that's why we can work with your payroll team and software provider to ensure seamless integration.

Client Testimonials

What Our Clients Say About Us

With over 7000+ users, WorkspeeHRM continues helping HR Process in different organizations. Here's what our users say about their experience.

Kate Dawson

Human Resource Manager

We have been using WorkspeeHRM for a while now. It has helped us solve a lot of problems we had in our process.

James Oliver

Head Teacher

Excellent for reporting. Love the way employee information is represented. Less paper work with this brilliant tool.

Hannah Davies

Head of Department

Easy to use and manage. Saves us a lot of time managing leaves and absenses. User friendly and completely customisable.

Jess Brown

Adminstrative Staff

Simple and easy to use software. Easy to generate reports. Especially the school census report section.

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