Ideal for the Health Sector

Designed to Support the HealthCare Sector

When it comes to HRM software for healthcare organisations, the question is whether it can offer support for your organisation’s various ongoing recruitment requirements as well as covering all your HR admin needs ?

Workspee HRM provides your organisation with a recruitment dashboard that allows you to create and monitor unlimited recruitment campaigns as well as schedule interviews, create candidate profiles for all applicants and take you right through to ‘job offers’ with our handy templates tool.

Your staff will also benefit from having 24/7 access to an engaging and easy-to-use HR system that can work on any platform and device, which suits all shift patterns. Whether they need to book annual leave, sickness or keep up to date on the organisation’s policies and announcements, it is simple to use and all in one place.

Workspee HRM will enhance your performance management and learning and development processes which will empower your staff and support their professional progress. It will also help you support your staff’s wellbeing in the workplace.

Supporting all data fields required by the health care sector.

Features Tailored to Benefit the Health Care Sector

  • User-Friendly Environments:

    Our HRM software is easy-to-use and understandable. The simple dashboard allows you to navigate through seamlessly.

  • Recruitment Management:

    Recruitment has never been easier. Create and organise recruitment campaigns and hire professionals quickly.

  • Absence and Leave Managementd:

    Keep track of employees that are absent or on sick leave. Our absence management module allows you to manage the attendance.

  • Learning and development/performance management:

    Allow your employees to grow with your company. Our learning and management system is designed to give you complete control over performance management of each hospital staff.

  • Asset Management:

    Maintaining the record of equipment has never been this easy. Keep track of medical equipment in a centralised location.

  • Create a Real-Time Organisation Chart:

    Organisation charts are an important part of any healthcare facility. Our HRM software is designed to keep the hierarchy in mind.

Client Testimonials

What Our Clients Say About Us

With over 7000+ users, WorkspeeHRM continues helping HR Process in different organizations. Here's what our users say about their experience.

James Lawson

Love the sickness and absence module of workspeehrm. This HR software is customisable and their support staff is excellent.

Dr. Katie

WorkspeeHRM allows me to assign roles and manage employee data effectively.

Nancy Evans

A great tool to manage employees. Customisable and easy to use. We've migrated all our date to their servers. The integration team did a great job.

Dr. Ross Franklin

We have been using workspeehrm for over 6 months now. It is easy to use and it makes reporting very easy.

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